Cais am help ariannol

Mae arna i ofn bod gweddill y neges yma yn Saesneg.
Ges i wybod am elusen sy'n helpu plant gyda tumours yn ysbyty
Kenyatta, ac maen nhw wedi gyrru'r isod i mi ei roi ar y blog rhag ofn y gallai
rhywun allan fan'na helpu dau achos diweddar iawn:

At Kenyatta hospital it's like this. Anyone who gets admitted gets basic
treatment. There are 1,000 beds and up to 3,000 admissions at any one time.
People are supposed to pay for their treatment. But once you are in, they
can't force to you pay, and though they will often hold patients hostage to
pay the bills, eventually what happens is they kick you out and the ministry
covers all the theatre and bed bills.

However anything that is outsourced from suppliers, (scans, special drugs,
and special implants etc) where Kenyatta would actually have to pay up
front, the patient must raise the monies for those things themselves before
those items/services are procured.

So, sometimes, a kid/patient arrives with a small tumour and gets told to go
get a C.T. scan to assess the tumour, before they can be admitted.
CT scans are outsourced form another hospital (Kenyatta doesn't have that

Unless they get the C.T. scan, they don't get admitted at all, so they don't
get into the treatment chain.
The scan costs about $75.
They often go away and come back years later with a huge growth and its
either too late or now requires complex re-construction once the tumour is

The monies we had remaining were intended for those cases where $75 would
get the scan and gain admission to the hospital. Dr Fred, my guy on the wards
(who should be sainted by the way) sends me those cases.

He came to see me last week with 2 cases slightly outside my parameters but
I couldn't turn away and now need some help - as they have now depleted all
the monies I had remaining.

Case one - 12 yr old boy hit by matatu- local bus (we don't cover accidents, only
tumours). Smashed the front of his face so that the jaw and front of face
separated entirely from skull. Came in from Kericho (rural area). Poor.
Surgery needed required small metal plates to join face back to skull.
Plates cost 144,000/= ($2,149). All other costs covered by the hospital.
If he hadn't gotten the plates, then he would likely die.
I gave the go ahead and asked the supplier of the plates to give them to me
with some down payment, and wait for the balance. The surgery went ahead and
the boy is doing fine. I ma now in debt to the plates supplier.
The boy doesn’t look as bad as it actually is – as all the bone has shattered inside with little bruising yet evident. The bone is broken above the nose, across the front and under the eyes, on each side of the jaw, and through the front of the bottom jaw. He will lose the sight in one eye but Dr Fred thinks he will keep the other.

Case 2 - Woman age ?? 35?? (We had said we would only cover kids). Came in 3
years ago with small tumour. Told to get CT scan. Couldn't pay. Came back
three years later with this tumour now huge. When it's removed it will take
half her lower jaw and she would not be able to eat. She has a family. She
is from the bush and they get casual work when they can cutting cane. Cost
for plate is 44,000/= (approx $650). If it isn't removed it will keep on growing.

Total for both is $2,800. Can you or anyone you know contribute?

I have told Dr Fred to go ahead with the woman who is scheduled for next
week. I can probably just cover it all myself, but that will leave the
cupboards bare for future cases.

If you can't help, I understand. I know you are likely doing lots of other
good stuff, and you may even be broke like me.!

Ginger Wilson

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